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4 Best diet pills over the counter of 2013

4 Best diet pills over the counter of 2013

4 Best diet pills over the counter of 2013
There are many diet pills over the counter these days but there are four currently are gaining the most popularity. In today’s society, obesity has been one of the most rampant medical condition people suffer. Because of this, there are many pharmaceuticals that have offered solutions to obesity. The following are currently the best according to the number of medical studies, reviews and testimonials it received in 2012 and the expectations in 2013.


This is the first of the best diet pills over the counter today. Phen375 is a weight loss pill that helps increase the metabolism of the body and also suppress appetite. It is a good way to lose weight fast and without any hassle. This diet pill can be obtained over the counter, but it is advised to ask for medical advice before using. It is one of the most famous on the market today and has gained support from millions of users.


This diet pill is made from the combination of Oolong, Pu-erh and green tea, which is considered as examples of the healthiest drinks available today. These three types of teas are mainly used in Asian countries such as China and Japan, not only for quenching thirst but for medicinal purposes also. These refreshing drinks contain the chemical called catechins which helps the body in its metabolic process. It also is a good anti-oxidizing drink to help relieve the body of free radicals which is extremely harmful.


This is another famous diet pill available over the counter and it is gaining popularity alongside Phen375. Adiphene helps the body reduce weight gain by suppressing appetite and increasing the body’s ability to burn fat through metabolism and thermogenesis. This is a good product to use when attempting to achieve weight loss in a short period of time. However as Adiphene is an appetite suppressant it is best to consult a doctor to avoid side effects.


Alongside Teatoneplus, Koutea also uses the Oolong, Pu-erh and green tea with the addition of white tea. This is a good example of combining the best of each ingredients in order to create a powerful compact weight loss pill that will do wonders. Koutea uses ingredients which are present in many traditional medicine such as Chinese, Indian and Japanese alternative medicine.

These are the 4 best diet pills over the counter in 2013 and these products will continue to grow in fame as many really find solutions in its use. Remember that it is important to always be cautious when using these pills and always seek advice with doctors. If done correctly, these diet pills are guaranteed to work for anyone.